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published by le_battement
Edward Alan Bartholomew
Sunnyside, NY
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Peasant's Quest 150/150 Walkthrough

Written by Me

This guide serves the sole purpose of allowing you to beat the game with 150/150. I suggest you play through Peasant's Quest on your own the first time through at least. There are a lot of funny and interesting things in the game that you will never see if you only use this guide. This guide is very factual and only gives the necessary info to get you points, and nothing else besides a few simple strategy tips. The words in bold are items, and the words/phrases in [brackets] are exactly what you should be typing.

I. The Exposition
After the intro, go left, down, down, and enter the cottage [open]. Take some feed on the left [take feed]. Exit the cottage, and search all four bushes [search bush]. You will find the trinket. Go up one screen and stand at the leftmost part of the lake, and throw the feed [throw feed]. Go left one screen and pick up the pebbles [take pebbles]. Go down two screens and put the pebbles in the bucket [put pebbles in bucket]. Turn the crank to bring the bucket back up [turn crank]. You will receive the mask. Go down one screen and talk to the man [talk]. Go left, left, up, and put on the mask [wear mask]. Go left one screen and say "haldo" [haldo]. Take an arrow [take arrow]. Go right, down, right, right, and give them the trinket [give trinket].

II. Arching at its Finest
To win the archery game, you must take into account the wind shown on the left by the orange rag. If it is blowing very strong to the left, aim your arrow directly at the very right side of the right leg of the target, and vice versa if the wind is blowing to the right. If the wind is not as strong, point the arrow at about the inner sides of the legs. Of course, if the wind is not blowing, aim straight in the center. To start the shot, press the spacebar once. Press it again when the pointers are in the red zone, and press it one more time when the other pointer is in the red. (Note: It does not matter if you get 3, 4, or 5 hits; It still only accomplishes the same thing.)

III. The Kerrek and the Jhonka
Go left, then up (try to be on the left side of the screen, the Kerrek monster will kill you if you enter the area on the right). Quickly kill the Kerrek [kill kerrek]. Take his belt [take belt]. Go down one screen and walk in the mud. Go left one screen and jump in the hay [hide hay]. Go down one screen and take the riches [take riches]. When the Jhonka talks to you just say no [no]. Go down, right, right, right. Go in the cottage [open] and give the lady her riches [give riches].

IV. The Many Uses of a Baby
Go right, up, and go in the Inn [open]. Give the man the baby [give baby]. Exit the Inn and go left two screens. Stand near the upper-right area of the curve of the lake and throw the baby [throw baby]. Go down two screens and put the baby in the bucket [put baby in bucket]. Turn the crank and bring it back up [turn crank]. Go up, left, left and remove the stone [get stone]. Put the baby in the hole [use baby] and then enter the cottage. Open the drawer [open drawer] and take the robe. Put on the robe [wear robe] and close the drawer [close drawer]. Exit the cottage. Go right four screens and up one, and enter the Inn [open]. Get a room [get room]. Get the grease [get grease] and exit the Inn. Go down one screen and walk to the lantern and light your head on fire. Go up two screens and talk to the knight [talk].

V. The Burninator
Go right one screen and climb the wall [climb]. There shouldn't be that much of a problem, just hold down the up key and gun it. If a rock falls, of course, go to the left or right before it hits you. When you get to the top, go right one screen and walk to the right. After the first keeper talks, give him the meatball sub [give meatball]. To the second keeper, give the soda [give soda]. To the third keeper, give the pills [give pills]. Go right one screen and throw your sword [throw sword]. When the three dialogue boxes have passed talk quickly [talk]. Now be prepared to hear the voice of Trogdor and enjoy the the magnificent ending, 150/150.

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